It’s definitely reading week.

I feel the need, the need to read…


This is one of the books I’m getting excited about this week.  It’s been out a while, but it’s just reached the top of my reading pile…I loved The Radleys, The Dead Fathers’ Club and The Last Family in England – all glorious slices of slightly dysfunctional humanity drawn with warmth, wit and pinpoint accuracy.  It doesn’t matter which one, but buy one NOW! (From a bookshop, please.)  If you like Matt Haig, and have read everything he’s ever written, don’t worry.  Although there’s no one else quite like him, there are other books that examine life as we (don’t quite) know it from a beautifully skewed perspective that highlights the pain, joy and ridiculousness of being (very nearly) human.  Try Paul Magrs’ Brenda series – astute, poignant, intelligent and great fun.  Start with Never the Bride.


Out tomorrow, and I can’t wait:  number nine in the Roy Grace series.

The rest of the pile this week:  Stephen King Joyland, David Mitchell Back Story, Danny Baker Going to Sea in a Sieve.  All worth a look, all in paperback, all available from your local bookshop.


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